How To Choose Unusual Or Unique Baby Names

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Nowadays, fewer parents are naming their kids with traditional and classic names, trying to find a different, refreshing name for their child. Because of this, finding a really Unique baby name is becoming much harder.

These are some helpful tips that we think may help you find an unusual, yet comfortable name for your child.

Traditional (but Unique Baby Names):
There are still the traditional ways of selecting your baby’s name. The first, of course, is using a name that has been in the family for years – perhaps the name of an aunt or uncle, or a grandparent. The other way is to browse through the Baby Names Dictionarys’ 28,000+ names to select from. Although some of the names are common, you can certainly find some unusual names.

Name meanings:
To choose a unique name, you could decide on what you want your child’s name to mean. Baby Names Dictionary has a resource where you can type in what you want your child’s name to mean. From there, we will pull out a list of names, both popular and unusual, with that meaning.

Place names:
A lot of parents nowadays are using this method to name their child. Some places actually make pretty good names, but because method is becoming popular, naming your child after the place she or he was born may not make a very uncommon name anymore. Places like Colorado, Phoenix, Denver or Salem are some popular names for boys. As for the girls, Paris, Vienna, Asia and Atlanta are some of the preferred names.

Names from nature:
Words from nature are also a unique way of naming your kids. That way, the beauty of that word is in your child’s name. How about something like Raine, Leaf, Sky or Dew?

Using a surname as a first name for unusual baby names:
This is also another method of naming that is becoming more and more common. It means taking the surnames of your ancestors, famous people, or anyone of your choice and using it as a first name. Like for girls, some popular surnames used as first names are McCartney, Bronte, Liotta and Piper. For boys, Beckett, Addison, Brewster, Donovan and Jenson are popular.

Want a unique name for your child but there are a few traditional ones that you really like? Take that name and create an anagram of it. Use Scrabble tiles from the game and shift the letters or add a few more. Be creative. Let your imagination run wild.

Take the name and drop letters until you’ve found a name you like. Kahlil and Gibran can be combined and then telescoped to Kabran. Schuyler can be telescoped to become Sky. Get the picture?

From the father’s name:
You can name your child after their father. For example, if the father’s name is Donald, his son can be Doni or his daughter, Donnie. Or John. It can be changed to Joanie, Joanna or Jonalie.

From the mother’s name:
Naming a boy after his mother’s maiden name is one way of doing it. You could change the mother’s name to a suitable name for a boy. Like Mary, you could alter it to Martin, Matt, Mason or Marren. Or if it’s a girl you could name her Marii, Marinne or Marine.

Name or word combinations:
This means a name taken from combining two other names; most of the time it’s from the child’s parents or grandparents. For instance, let’s say a couple, Ridge and Brooke, have a baby girl. They could combine their names together and name her Bridgette. This may not be very unique, but you get the idea. A better example would be David and Trina. (Davina) This way, you get an unusual name for your child and at the same time, you can honor a family member.

Change the spelling:
Make an ordinary name more unusual by changing the spelling. Like Caitlin, it can become CaitLin. You could change Rianne to RiAnne. Or, you also could add an apostrophe, and Janet becomes J’Nette/J’Net.

Unique names are fun, different and anything goes! Its only limitation is your imagination. Names are inspired from everywhere, from fashion designers to colors to months. June and April make nice names for girls. Azure, Gray and Burgundy are also great names. Countries or states like Dakota or Carolina are also used. But remember, with every pro, there’s a con.

Names that are very complicated to pronounce or spell, although it makes them stand out, it also brings aggravation to your child because they would have to constantly correct the spelling or pronunciation for the rest of their life.

Oh yeah, and also, giving a boy a girl’s name or vice versa is something you absolutely do not want to do. Imagine the amount of teasing he or she would get from their classmates. Not something you would want for your child, to be laughed at and teased. Howard O’Brien is now Anne Rice, author of the famous vampire books. She was given a boy’s name because her folks wanted a boy!

Overall, unique names are not a bad thing. Just be kind to your kid and choose wisely.

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